Fr Andrew writes;

I just returned after my second Palm Sunday Mass at Mariners House chapel. Though there were only seven who attended the Mass it was very special for them.

The six Filipino seafarers who had just arrived from Spain said that they were carrying big long poles for bridges being built in Canada. But during their voyage in the Mediterranean Sea the ship was rolling due to high waves.

They were terrified their only hope was in the Lord. They said they were so blessed with the opportunity to have participated in the Mass to thank the Lord for His mighty deeds.

The active and meaningful participation of each one of them was obvious through out the mass. Since they have to do few more trips to bring poles for our bridges they have requested our prayers for their safe voyages.

The sacrifices and risks of many seafarers for the betterment of our lives are hidden to our eyes. Let us be united during this Holy Week to pray for their safe voyages in thanksgiving for the sacrifice they are making to build our bridges.