Stella Maris-Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) has launched a new version of its global port chaplains’ directory which helps seafarers get access to pastoral, practical and spiritual support wherever they are in the world.

The Port Chaplain Directory 2019 lists phone numbers and email addresses of the charity’s 227 chaplains in 334 ports across 59 countries. This includes 17 ports in Canada.

It also highlights the ports in which Stella Maris Seafarers’ Centres are located; these centres provide a space where seafarers can go to relax, pray, contact family, socialise, and speak to a chaplain away from the environment of their ships.

Stella Maris (AoS ) in South Africa and all over the world are able to provide pastoral, practical and spiritual care to seafarers when tragedy strikes, acting as a dependable, trusted friend in times of crisis.

The Directory enables our network of chaplains to provide holistic care for seafarers in port after port worldwide and gives seafarers a tool to get quick and easy access to assistance and advice.”

“Providing up to date and accurate details of all our chaplains is a valuable resource both for seafarers and stakeholders in the maritime industry such as P&I clubs, shipping agents and port officials,” he added.

The range of support offered by AoS includes counselling and befriending, taking seafarers to church, visiting them in hospital, transporting them to local shops and facilities and providing means of communicating with family and friends.

Copies of the Directory have been sent out to AoS chaplains globally for distribution to seafarers and ships. The Directory can be downloaded here Port chaplain Directory 2019.